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Learning Objectives

Consultative Selling Process

Learning Outcomes: We will not only teach but ingrain a consultative sales process for your organization. For some, it will be new information that will help set the foundation for that individual to become an elite salesperson. The course will teach the methods of sales alignment and a process for helping customers to reconcile their problems.

Audience: Sales Team

Program Length: 1 day, 2 full days preferred

Manufacturing Process Training Improvement

Learning Outcomes: Utilizes an integrated approach to create a solution to manufacturing optimization problems.  The training includes linked and progressive objectives so as to be both cost-effective and to allow organizational learning to occur. 

Audience: All manufacturing leadership personnel (floor and/or mgmt.); Combined leadership preferred; Sales leadership involvement also preferred but not required)

Program Length: 1.5 day, 2 full days preferred

Negotiating Win-Win Solutions

Learning Outcomes: Practical and to the point, the program provides individuals with an easy-to-use framework for conducting win-win negotiations, giving them the skills to be confident and competent negotiators.

Audience: Individuals at all levels

Program Length: 1 day or 2 half-days

Supervising with Confidence

Learning Outcomes: Today’s frontline leaders need practical, skill-specific training. Participants get the opportunity to examine strengths and development needs as well as practical strategies within 5 skill areas.

Audience: Managers, supervisors, and team leaders

Program Length: 1 day or 2 half-days


Learning Outcomes: This comprehensive and interactive program provides in-depth skill development in the vital areas needed for effective performance, including group development, team roles and responsibilities, problem-solving, group decision making, communication, and managing conflict.

Audience: Team members and team leaders

Program Length: 2.5-3 days

Working Through Organizational Change

Learning Outcomes: The more we know about the process of change, the better equipped we are to take steps toward the acceptance of change and adapt to it in our work and our lives.

Audience: Individuals and team members at all levels

Program Length: 1 day or 2 half-days

Influencing with Assertive Communication

Learning Outcomes: Amidst a gamut of situations, we use a variety of communication strategies to help achieve influence through our choice of verbal and nonverbal behaviors. In this course, individuals learn what it takes to express themselves directly and honestly while acknowledging and respecting the rights of others.

Audience: Individuals with an understanding of basic communication skills

Program Length: 1 day or 2 half-days

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