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Great teams don’t just happen. Authentic teamwork is built upon true commitment, trust, collaboration, and competence. These are qualities that can only be developed with considerable effort over time. TeamPower accelerates the process, helping teams transform from ordinary to extraordinary.


This comprehensive and interactive program provides in-depth skill development in the vital areas needed for effective performance, including group development, team roles and responsibilities, problem-solving, group decision making, communication, and managing conflict. Teams emerge from the learning experience with a fresh sense of direction and practical strategies for working together better.

Learning Objectives

  • Acquire and develop group process skills.

  • Learn how to encourage innovation and implement new work strategies.

  • Understand how to communicate and collaborate.

  • Unearth blockages to team performance and work to resolve them.

  • Discover how to boost team spirit, camaraderie, and commitment.

  • Develop strategies to improve productivity and work satisfaction

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