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Sales Optimization Assessment

Korf Consulting Group has developed a process that specifically identifies:

Sales & Marketing Inhibitors

Those self-imposed roadblocks that decrease a company's ability to achieve full market potential and maximum profitability.

These inhibitors exist in many parts of the organizational structure including the sales process, sales channels, marketing, support, administration, and management.

Sales Optimization Assessment

Properly identifies these inhibitors and the develops the plan (roadmap) for removing them.

Energy audits, sales management training, asset management, consultative selling, supervisor training, supervisor workshops, plant reliability, raising capital, private equity

Great products and great salespeople are only the foundations for success. You must have the best overall sales and marketing process to win the war.


Negotiating Win-Win Solutions

Consultative Selling Process

Supervising with Confidence


White Paper

Hammer Time - Predictive Maintenance

Business Plan Process

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