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Raising Capital & Exit Strategy

Are you a market winner? Are you fundable?

Energy audits, sales management training, asset management, consultative selling, supervisor training, supervisor workshops, plant reliability, raising capital, private equity

KCG principals have been successful in positioning several companies for IPO and then acquisition. In both cases, the principals were an active part of the company's management team. The life-cycle of a company is driven by the manner in which the “principles” wish to exit. Every decision, once the strategy is in place, is driven by that strategy. The process, while not magical, does manifest a complexity which requires the experience of someone who has done it.


KCG will work with your team in developing the strategy, coaching the management team and then work with them to ensure proper implementation and eventual exit.


Business Plan Process

Workshop Descriptions


Consultative Selling Process

Negotiating Win-Win Solutions

Supervising with Confidence

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