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Negotiating Win-Win Solutions


When it comes to negotiating, being “nice” doesn’t have to mean losing — or being the only one to benefit, either. Using a “win-win” negotiating style, both parties can walk away feeling like winners.


Negotiating Win-Win Solutions is a must-have experience for anyone involved in day-to-day negotiations and interactions. Practical and to the point, the program provides individuals with an easy-to-use framework for conducting win-win negotiations, giving them the skills to be confident and competent negotiators.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand a model of win-win negotiating and recognize the effectiveness of the collaborative style.

  • Pinpoint one’s preferred negotiating style and contrast the behaviors and outcomes of the 5 styles.

  • Recognize 5 factors to consider when preparing for any negotiation.

  • Learn how to use 3 essential interpersonal skills when negotiating.

  • Demonstrate the 5-step process involved in conducting a win-win negotiation.

  • Practice applying win-win negotiating skills to an upcoming situation.

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