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Manufacturing Process Improvement


KCG Manufacturing Process training utilizes an integrated approach to create a solution to manufacturing optimization problems.  The training includes linked and progressive objectives so as to be both cost-effective and to allow organizational learning to occur.  We evaluate expectations and ensure that proposed implementation issues that arise are properly addressed.


We also believe strongly, that to make the necessary changes in the scheduling process, that KCG have access to management (floor/management/sales). The training includes an exit meeting with the executive team to discuss course corrections, improvements, and recommendations. A project management, milestone, and tasks with ownership is presented. Training provided by lean six sigma instructors.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop the problem statement with key team members.

  • Agreement by all organizational leadership of the problem statement.

  • Identify Clear ownership of the scheduling and forecasting process.

  • Articulate a compelling need for permanent process changes to the involved organizations.

  • Establish interface requirements and expectations between the organizations established.

  • Clearly define sales involvement in front-end and back-end up-selling processes.

  • Quality metrics established of those interface interactions established.

  • Create and distribute communications of management expectations, process changes and key dimensions of the problems.

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