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Infield Training

Sales Training

Classic sales training provides standard courses normally given to every company no matter what the market, industry or customer base requires. KCG uses the most recognized sales training methodologies available allowing the team to customize the most effective components of each proven technique.

Tactical Services

Great strategic planning and effective process implementation can still fall short if a company does not execute the key tactical elements of a successful plan.


The following are the key elements that must be executed to become a market leader.

  • Salesforce recruiting, training & development  

  • Salesforce automation

  • Sales compensation plans 

  • Virtual office technology for remote employees & partners 

  • Charter market analysis  

  • ROI, selling models, competitive positioning analysis, sales tool design & development

  • Demonstration skills training, market-leading product, services & support strategies

  • Targeted vertical marketing

marketing optimization, private equity, raising capital, business forecasting, business planning, private equity, energy audits, predictive maintenance, asset management, shorten planned outage



Working through Organizational Change

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White Paper

Ensuring the Longevity and Successful Implementation Of Your Advanced Maintenance Strategy

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