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Energy Audits - Vibration & Alignment

Why monitor machine vibration and correct machine alignment?

Monitoring the vibration characteristics of a machine gives us an understanding of the 'health' condition of the machine and the information to detect problems that may be developing. 

Historical process improvements. Energy savings are possible.

  • KCG works with EIS to identify all critical equipment, provide assessments and prioritize roadmap to improvement

  • KCG uses its tools to evaluate equipment and realign engines

  • KCG is your energy savings partner for improving equipment efficiency

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Three phase power is used primarily in commercial and industrial environments, providing power to motors and equipment. It is more economical to operate large equipment with three phase power. In order to calculate three-phase wattage, we multiply the average voltage of each phase times the average current of each phase, times the power factor, then multiply by the square root of 3. The square root of 3 is equal to 1.732, so the equation is written as shown:

Watt's Law: W = V avg. x A avg x p.f. x 1.732

1.732 = a constant necessary with 3 phase.


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