Energy Audits  - EIS Partnership

Reduce energy costs. Reduce vibration & misalignments.

Predictive Maintenance

  • The rewards of Predictive Maintenance are numerous for those that are able to pull it off

  • Predictive Maintenance has historically improved energy efficiency ~10%

  • Senior management has been evangelized on the benefits making it an easier job to sell

  • Recommendations to avoid pitfalls are intuitive




KCG Process

  • Reduced labor charged to the machine

  • Improved MTBF

  • Longer life from seals, bearings and coupling inserts

  • Reduced downtime

  • Energy savings

Cost associated with poorly running machines

  • Severe damage

  • Energy losses

  • Spare parts replacement

  • Machine unavailability

  • Delayed shipments of finished product

  • Unnecessary corrective maintenance

  • Quality issues

  • Occupational hazards (Safety)

In partnership with EIS, KCG performs the following: EIS's process is thorough but efficient and tailored to the needs of each facility. Our process has been developed and tested over the course of hundreds of installations for more than 30 years. The key steps in our process of working with customers are outlined below:




First, EIS engineers conduct a walk-through of your facility to gather information about:

  • Electrical system

  • Equipment operations

  • Electrical billing issues and history

  • Power quality challenges

  • Electrical maintenance challenges

Based on this walkthrough, EIS will prepare an initial Assessment, including recommended energy conservation measures, estimated cost savings and payback period. There is no fee or obligation for the Initial Assessment. 


Manufacturing Process Improvement

Working through Organizational Change


KCG supports the process by evaluating overall equipment health in collaboration with EIS


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