Consultative Selling Process


We have all been through many sales courses, read books and studied the art of sales. After all, it is our profession.  In this 1-2 day session, we will not only teach but ingrain in the organization a consultative sales process. For some, it will be new information that will help set the foundation for that individual to become an elite salesperson. The course will teach the methods of sales alignment and a process for helping customers to reconcile their problems. 


This information has been pulled together over the years and is comprised from 10-15 of the best sales courses the sales professionals at KCG have either taken and in most cases deployed.  90+ years of sales experience designed.


We will help your team demystify the selling process, and provide an outline of tactics and strategies that can assist in your success.

Learning Objectives

  • Sales Process that is synergistic with your product or service offering

  • Salesperson Pipeline Reviews (Group Think).

  • Quotas reviewed.  Gap Analysis and steps to close.

  • Gap Analysis for each salesperson (As-IS—To BE) recommendations for improvement.

  • Learn to identify customer organizational pain and quantify it.

  • Set goals individually and for the team/company for (YTD and 3-year goals).

  • Personalized Reference Notebooks (leave behind)

  • Confidential Selling Skills Inventory Evaluation included for management.