CEO Coaching

Coaching & organizational alignment workshop

  • The purpose of coaching is to provide Executives and High-Level Management with a third-party look at their company’s strategies and organizational design.

  • The process identifies the importance that each person, department, and process play in becoming a “market leader”. A key element involves setting clear and well-communicated expectations for all team members.

  • Typically, our clients engage with us on a retainer basis for this service. Under this arrangement, we are available at any time for consultation, meetings, bouncing ideas, reviewing strategies, etc.



Working through Organizational Change

Supervising with Confidence


A Harvard Business Review Article

What is Strategy?

White Paper

A Business Case for Contingent Labor

“An unbiased and trusted third party can provide you with honest and straightforward feedback. While I didn't always agree what they said, the workshop caused me to sit-up and think through all possible scenarios,” Mike Burger CEO-LTS

“I needed affirmation on my ideas. Today, our message on where we are heading has never been clearer or more universally understood,” Stanley Okoro VP-EPIHUB


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