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Business Plan Process

KCG's business plan process for start-ups and/or new business ventures within existing companies


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Business Plan Process

Industry Call Script

  • Appendices: The appendices are where you should collect all of the documentation which supports the body of your business plan.

  • Business Objectives

  • Company Overview: The Company Overview is a brief (one or two pages) description of the company you have founded or want to found.

  • Development: In this section, you will outline how you intend to ramp-up your business.

  • Executive Summary: The Executive Summary of a Business Plan is a 1-3 page distillation of your entire plan, and often is the last section to be written.

  • Industry and Marketplace Analysis: The Industry and Marketplace Analysis section dispassionately describes and outlines the industry and the marketplace in which you will compete.

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  • Management: Venture capitalists often assert that there are three attributes important for a successful start-up business: management, management, and management.

  • Market Comparison:

  • Marketing Strategy: The Marketing and Sales section of your plan will make or break the prospects for your venture

  • Marketplace Analysis: In your Market Analysis subsection you lay out for the reader the specific market in which you will be competing. 

  • Mission Statement: Your Mission Statement is a short (one sentence to one short paragraph) inspirational statement of the vision and goals you have for your company. 

  • Offering (Funding Request): The Offering (or Funding Request) is where you make your pitch for money. 

  • Operations: The Operations section outlines how you will run your business and deliver value to your customers. 

  • Products & Services Description: The Product and Services section is a detailed description of the products and/or services you will be selling.

  • Proprietary Rights: What proprietary rights do we have to the product/service?

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