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Who is KCG?

KCG Differentiators
  1. Partner with aggressive companies that are receptive to change and committed to long-term success 
  2. The experienced KCG principals will evaluate and execute plans directly with customer
  3. Open to discussions on structuring creative compensation plans

The Korf Consulting Group specializes in sales and marketing optimization and manufacturing process excellence. The management team has over 90+ years of hands-on experience with industry-leading companies. Their recognized knowledge adds a unique and strategic value for businesses interested in driving shareholder value, IPOs, acquisitions, mergers, or a successful market-leading position.


Our clients are often in need of assistance with operational process improvements, sales, marketing, and training. Their objective is to achieve top-line sales growth and streamline costs as required to sustain the company vision and financial goals.


Most customers are driven by passionate executives and supported by over-committed staff that are each striving to take the company to the next level. While most have been successful based on their intense drive and passion for their products, services, and technology; what is often needed is a third-party with the hands-on experience and management assistance to transition to the next level. This is often referred to as "Crossing the Chasm".


Visionary principals realize that experienced support, like that offered by Korf Consulting Group, is the most efficient option, and in some cases, vital to continued success.

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